Who Are You Surfing With?

Topanga Beach is my absolute favorite place to surf. It’s a popular beach in Los Angeles, thus it’s a popular spot for surfers of all kinds.

In most cases, everyone in the water is split into two groups…

Some of the best surfers may be found in the deep part near the back of the wave. They’re generally a youthful, healthy bunch of surfers with years of experience. They surf the world’s largest and most powerful waves, are incredibly skilled, and take their sports very seriously.

Then there’s the intermediate/beginners category. This group’s surfers are all near to the beach and can catch “leftover” waves. They’re less jittery, catch more waves, and aren’t trying to accomplish too much.

Despite the fact that I am capable of maneuvering in both groups, I choose to relax in a safe zone. That’s where I’m happy. It’s simple and safe. It is not required for me to strain myself in order to go to the pleasant location…

What a slacker lifestyle!

This happened… When I discovered I had been AWOL for a year, I got up and decided to modify my habit. Every time I went out, I set the goal of pushing myself beyond of my comfort zone and paddling with the elite group. What was going on when I first began surfing with the pros?

I’ve come such a long way!

I’ve discovered that when I surf alongside someone that are more accomplished than me, I am able to surf faster, catch more dangerous waves, and have a more joyful experience at the end of the day. In the last several years, I’ve learnt more from more experienced people than I did in the previous ten years with beginners.

More significantly, the confidence and abilities I gained in Topanga have enhanced my whole surfing experience whenever I visit other California surf areas. It’s not like I’m going pro or anything (I still stink in comparison to most decent surfers), but I’m no longer in the mentality of a novice wherever I go. https://65a60a8d0b207a84a23a7de7fa4b881b.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

What Happened to Me When I Found the Personal Finance Community
Like what I went through when I first became aware of the banking world roughly seven years ago. A simple Google search for “income-generating passive rentals” led me down the rabbit hole, where I met a whole new group of individuals. People who were financially aware went to great lengths to actively investigate every possible opportunity for improving their financial situation.

After joining the mob, I began to make changes that were unique to me…

My first effort at budgeting resulted in a budget.
I reduced my spending on things that didn’t add to my overall satisfaction.
Some of the most essential personal finance books have been read by me.
I began keeping track of the worth of my belongings.
I’ve built up a rental property portfolio as part of my investing portfolio.
I was able to discover that there had been a fire movement.
I began investing more wisely, starting a Roth IRA and taking advantage of tax benefits.
I decided to leave my job and start a personal finance blog a while ago, and I’m now helping others better their financial situations.
The firm for which I worked had a significant impact on my life.

In ten years, who will I be?
“You become the average of the five individuals with whom you spend the most time,” Jim Rohn said it best.

I’m not one to admit things like this since I want to believe that I have complete control over my life. However, the individuals with whom I engage the most on a weekly basis may have a significant influence on my life. I unconsciously embrace the good and bad habits of my classmates, and these actions define my future path.

It’s got me wondering… I’m curious about who I’ll be in ten years.

If I want to be the guy I see in my brain (a multi-millionaire joyful parent, as well as an all-around goodhearted and loving shot-caller and baller), I need to start reaching out to individuals who can help me realize my dream!

If stepping outside of my comfort zone(s) is difficult for me, maybe it’s time to connect with professionals in many facets of my life?

With whom are you surfing?
I’m not sure if you believe in God or not. If you believe your surroundings have an impact on who you are, you should investigate more.

Your favorite relatives and how they spend their time together.
The attitude of your coworkers
Their financial perspectives, as well as those of your family/friends
Followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Clubs, real or virtual, or organizations in which you participate Are these settings assisting you in reaching your full potential? Are there any new or current persons in your life that you can invite into your life to help you grow?

What, on the other hand, are your friends, coworkers, and family learning from you? What might you do to make a good difference in the lives of others? All boats are lifted by rising tides.